Longest Six in Cricket History

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The Longest Six in Cricket History: A Legendary Feat

Cricket, a game rich in history and remarkable achievements, has witnessed some extraordinary moments, one of which is the longest six-ever hit. This article explores the record-breaking event of the longest six in cricket history.

A Spectacular Display of Power: The Longest Six Ever

The longest six in cricket history is not just about the distance; it's a testament to the skill, power, and timing of the batsman.

The Record-Breaking Six

The Shot: Shahid Afridi (Pakistani batter) has a record for the longest six, against Ryan McLaren (South Africa's bowler) in the 3rd ODI at Johannesburg stadium on March 17, 2013.

Distance:  Shahid Afridi hit the monster of length 153 meters (502 feet) six against Ryan McLaren. 

Longest Six in Cricket History

Importance of Sixes in Cricket

Sixes are more than just high-scoring shots; they are a display of dominance, strength, and crowd-pleasing spectacle. Sixes are the quickest way to increase the score of an inning as compared to other scoring methods like, fours, singles, doubles, and extras. It can help teams build a compatible score quickly. 

What Makes a Six Memorable

Context of the Match: Sixes can affect the result of the whole game as it is the best way to run quickly and score big for opponents. We can understand the value of six by remembering the moment of Javed Miandad when Pakistan needed 5 on the last ball and he hit the last ball for six and won the game for Pakistan. A six can change the whole context of the game. 

Skill and Technique: Six-hitting is like a skill and it requires hard work and great muscles to master it. Because when hitting six. it is necessary to have solid muscles and good technique to send the ball out of the boundary.

Famous Six-Hitters in Cricket History

While discussing the longest six, it's essential to mention other notable six hitters who have left their mark in cricket history. Here is the list of famous six-hitters who changed the game for their team:

  • Chris Gayle (West Indies)
  • Shahid Afridi (Pakistan)
  • Rohit Sharma (India)
  • Kieron Pollard (West Indies)
  • AB de Villiers (South Africa)
  • Asif Ali (Pakistan)
  • Imran Nazir (Pakistann)
  • Yuvraj Singh (India)
  • Glenn Maxwell (Australia)
  • Jos Buttler (England)
  • Andre Russell (West Indies)
  • Martin Guptill (New Zealand)
  • Nicholas Pooran (West Indies)
  • Adam Gilchrist (Australia)
  • Brendon McCullum (New Zealand)
  • Jacques Kallis (South Africa)
  • Viv Richard (West Indies)
  • Kapil Dev (India)

Legends of the Six-Hitting Game

List of Renowned Batsmen:

  • Chris Gayle (West Indies)
  • Shahid Afridi (Pakistan)
  • Rohit Sharma (India)
  • Kieron Pollard (West Indies)
  • AB de Villiers (South Africa)
  • Asif Ali (Pakistan)
  • Imran Nazir (Pakistan)

Their Memorable Sixes:

  • Chris Gayle - 119 meter Six vs England (2007 World Cup)
  • Shahid Afridi - 153 meter Six vs South Africa (2013)
  • Rohit Sharma - 173 meter Six vs Afghanistan (2023 World Cup)
  • Kieron Pollard - Six vs Sri Lanka (2013 World Cup)
  • AB de Villiers - The Helicopter Six vs West Indies (2015 World Cup)
  • Asif Ali - Six vs West Indies (2023 T20I Series)
  • Imran Nazir - Six vs India (2007 The World Cup Qualifier)


The longest six in cricket history is a marvel of the sport, showcasing the extraordinary capabilities of cricketers. It remains a benchmark for power-hitting and a memorable moment for cricket fans around the world.

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